I Brushed Against a Willow

I Brushed Against a Willow

I brushed against a willow,
It brushing through my hair,
The sound of freight train whistles
Moving on the air,
The sway from the commotion
Pushing me aside
I brushed against a willow,
To find a place to hide.

I sought a place of refuge,
Hidden deep within its mane,
The sound of freight train whistles
Calling out my name,
The racket from the train tracks
Rumbling in my ears
I brushed against a willow,
And released my pent up fears.

I brushed against a willow
It cloaked me from my past,
I sat among its tendrils
Breathing deep at last,
I heard the freight train whistles
Quieting on their way
I brushed against a willow,
And started on my way.

–Ava Hypatia, February 13, 2016


Prompt: @ D’Verse Poets, Victoria asks us to write in 1st person.

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10 Responses to I Brushed Against a Willow

  1. Beautiful flow to this with a wonderful metaphoric take on the willow. It gave me a feeling of serenity.


  2. I love the rhythm in this.. It’s like a song with those small changes in the refrain… I also like to read it on a metaphoric level.


  3. Your poem does give that serene feeling, as Victoria mentioned. I like how the title’s verse sways through the poem.


  4. I love this totally! The flow the rhymes, everything!


  5. Sanaa Rizvi says:

    Especially love the refrain… such a hypnotic effect 🙂


  6. This is lovely and, I suspect it could be a song.


  7. whimsygizmo says:

    As a lover of all trees, especially willows, I absolutely adore this.
    “I brushed against a willow
    It cloaked me from my past”


  8. A beautiful line for repetition. I like the setting of the poem…as if the narrator is walking on a field path alongside the railway tracks.


  9. I love the use of repetition as it brings us back to the centre premise of your poem….such beautiful images you create…


  10. Ah.. groWing up by railroad
    tracks.. Train trestle
    bridge almost
    stone’s throw
    away.. shakes foundation
    then of shot-gun river home..
    i wished for a push button
    machine now answeRinG
    aLL my questions.. but All
    i received then iS
    A sad
    past iN
    whistle calls
    of trains old..
    all anew kNow!
    the birth oFliGht!
    iN human Wisdom
    feeLinG more.. a hive
    oF push button knoWinG
    and feeLinG arises whistles
    Now! Google train alWays
    moving ahead..


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