Stars: We See Differently

Stars: We See Differently
My amazement shined past you as I looked up and saw the apparition against the backdrop of stars.
Late evening on a cold, frosty night before the dead of winter, before the winter shut us up.
I beckoned you to join me watch on the balcony, halfway up the first great constellation.
You arrived and hesitantly you stayed in the cold night air.
“Have you ever seen anything like it?” I asked. “Look at its tail. Can you see it?”
Binoculars in hand, I positioned things forward to find the better view.
Now glowing among the stars and moving ever so finitely away from us.
We stared up at the same dark sky seeing different things.
The sky now a backdoor to our dreams.
Home and children with cries and laughter -filled nights evade our privacy.
Then one cold, frosty night before the dead of winter, my child and I bundled up warmly,
His dad unawares upstairs under wool and heaviness,
I beckoned my child to join me on the porch, our eyes wide as the moon hanging before us,
The stars a backdrop to the orb’s gala event.
“It’s there!” I point, dropping my voice in deferential delight. “Look at the shadow. Can you see it?”
We scuff our feet on the porch pavement the better to angle our bodies forward.
“I see it,” he exclaims and smiling large, lets me know he sees it, too.
The sky a grand staircase to his dreams, and I sigh delighted at his discovery.

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