The Nature of Sound

The Nature of Sound

When I play my music for you, do you see the flock of birds darting among the waves of sound?

The birds each note first randomly played, flown past another, or to each other, or with each other to make a single tune of intriguing context never to be exactly played again.

When I play any music it charms my inner snake which feeds from itself twisting warmly and thickly around me, gliding past me from a moment of repose to a moment of momentum.

The snake puts me into a trance of total relaxation, freeing the birds from my mouth, or my heartstrings, or my physical strings, but always strings and waves and snakes and birds making sound.

Which give me pure pleasure, and so I become a junkie to its nature, even as I become a junkie to yours.

-by Ava Hypatia, June 2015

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